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A roof is significant investment homeowners make in their lifetime. A well -maintained roof not only helps protect you and your family from sun, wind, rain, or snow but also helps improve the curb appeal, boosting the value of your home. Contact Squirrels Roofing for quarterly and annual roof repair and maintenance services today.

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Our maintenance plan is perfect for those who want to keep their roof in pristine condition all year round. For just 175 dollars a year, our team will come out twice (in early spring and early fall) to perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of your roof. This plan also includes repairs of any damages that we find and includes the following:

Clean Debris

A clean roof will help keep your roof in good condition and prevent any potential damage. The team at Squirrels Roofing will quickly and efficiently remove any debris from your roof during our bi-annual roof inspection.

Clean Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean will prevent any build-up of debris. Our team will clear out any debris, leaves, or other objects that may be causing a blockage to keep your gutters flowing freely and prevent any water damage to your home. 

Trim Branches

In order to keep your roof in top condition, it's important to trim any branches that overhang the roof and gutters. This will help prevent damage to your roof, keeping it in good shape for years to come. As well as preventing buildup in your gutters.

Inspect Roof

We'll inspect your roof from top to bottom, checking for any protrusions or areas that may need to be recaulked. We make sure your roof is in top condition so you can rest assured knowing your home is protected.

Minor Repairs

We understand that your roof is one of your most important investments. That's why we offer a comprehensive roof inspection to check for any aging that may have occurred. We'll also make any minor repairs as needed to keep your roof in top condition.

Close Inspection

Algae and stains can can become unsightly and often damage your roof's integrity. The Squirrels Roofing's roof maintenance team will thoroughly inspect your roof and remove any algae or stains that are found before it becomes a problem.

Why Is Roof Maintenance Important?

The performance of the roof primarily depends on the use of quality materials, its design, installation, and roof maintenance. When the roof of your home is exposed to harsh weather conditions and other external elements, the performance of the system of the roof is affected. Regular roof maintenance helps identify problems created due to weather changes and makes it easier to apply solutions fast. When the problems are identified at an earlier stage, it prevents the problem to get worsen over time, helping a homeowner save money on major repairs.

Maintenance Is A Worthwhile Investment

Roofing is an expensive investment.  Maintaining your roof is the key to delaying the aging process of your roofing system and keeping your loved ones safe and protected indoors. Generally, there are two options to keep your roof maintained. While hiring professional Coldspring, TX roof maintenance services is highly recommended, you can also choose to do it yourself.  Trying to repair or maintain your roof might help you save money, but doing something you do not know may sometimes lead to causing more damage to your roof. Whichever option you choose, maintaining your roof can provide great benefits.

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

  • Regular roof maintenance can help keep the manufactures warranties intact. This can help you cover the cost of the necessary repairs and replacements, depending on the roofing problem you may face.
  • Maintaining your roof regularly can help you budget the possible repairs. However, neglecting maintenance can often lead to catastrophic or expensive roof damage and interiors of your property.
  • Preventive roof maintenance not only helps maintain the integrity of your roofing system, but also prevents major or emergency repairs, and extends the lifespan of the roof.

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Roof Inspection Before Roof Replacement

If you are planning to replace your old roof, it is always good to get your roof inspected by professionals. During an inspection, a roof inspector will check for signs of damage and will let you know whether you need to change the entire roof or whether there a still some years left in a section of the roof that can help you spread out the cost of the work.  Roof inspection before roof replacement will ensure that you get the most accurate pricing, allowing you to budget your new roof better and also get the job done right the first time.

How To Maintain Your Roof?

Always check to your roof for any missing or damaged shingles or roof sealant and replace them as soon as possible. Trim overhanging branches that are close or directly over your roof. Fallen leaves tend to retain moisture and can rot your tiles making them weaker. Clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to your roof.  Clean the gutters twice a year, beginning of fall and spring. Ensuring that there is proper ventilation and insulation in your attic will prevent ice dams from forming and reducing moisture, keeping your roof in a good condition.

Free Estimate 

Here at Squirrels Roofing, we think you should have a good idea of how much your roofing job will cost before you get it done. That is why we are dedicated to giving our customers a free consultation of the work that we need to get done before we show up with all the equipment. We will send one of our certified inspectors who will give you a fair estimate of what the job will cost. Then, you can decide whether or not you will use our services over other roofing companies.