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At Squirrels Roofing, you will find a team of highly skilled experts whose business is to make your roof our business!

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Owned and operated by the Mooney family!  A name you have learned to trust over the 35 plus years in business in Huntsville, Texas.  Squirrels Roofing has now become part of the Mooney family of businesses. And just like Lucky Star Cleaners and Simple Cellular & Computer Services, customer service and quality are our primary goals.  Our expert team of installers, led by our good friend and partner, Juan Mejia have over 20 years of experience each.  You will have peace of mind with owner Josh keeping you informed every step of your roofing project and co-owner Juan on the roof the entire installation making sure no detail is missed.

At Squirrels Roofing, we pride ourselves on having integrity in our business. We will not only educate you about the roofing project that you needs done, but will also help you make the right decisions regarding your project! From shingle selection to repairs, Squirrels Roofing is the ideal roofing company to address your roofing needs!

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With many years and many projects under our tool belt, Squirrels Roofing is the ideal roofing provider for your home. We have spent years exploring all facets of the roofing business and our team of professionals is unsurpassed! We don’t just roof buildings, we create a beautiful exterior look that also ensures that your home is watertight for many years to come! We do this at affordable pricing that will be sure to help keep your financial goals in check.

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Squirrels is an independently owned and operated company that serves Huntsville, Texas (Walker County) and surrounding areas with the highest quality materials and excellent workmanship. Not only do we provide materials that will ensure the integrity of your roof, but we also have talented installers on staff to ensure that you receive projects that work within your budget! With many years of servicing Huntsville, Texas (Walker County) and completing hundreds of jobs, Squirrels Roofing knows the architectural needs of your home. Whether you’re looking for roof repair or a whole new roof, we are here to serve you!

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At Squirrels Roofing, we pride ourselves in the variety of services that we offer and our expertise in performing them. Your roof is the most important part of your structural engineering in your home and we are here to service it with skilled roofing craftsmen and high-quality materials.


When it comes to adding a new roof to your home, we will provide a watertight roof that shows off your style!


Storm Damage

Storm damage is more than just a nuisance. It can ruin your whole house. We will assess the damage, work with your insurance carrier, and create a future free of worry when storms roll in. 

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A cooler attic means a cooler house.  These cost effective solar powered roof vents remove hot air from your attic on those hot Texas summer days.  Not only will your living space be cooler, your ac bill will be lower!

Siding & gutters

A good roof is all about protecting what’s inside your home. That’s why we also offer siding and gutters!  Not only are you keeping the weather out, your putting home value in!

Yearly roof maintanece

Just like any other large investment, your roof needs regular upkeep.  With our annual roof maintenance plan, we will clean off any debris from your roof and gutters, apply a safe chemical treatment, and follow with a soft water wash.

Our skilled team of contractors are familiar with all aspects of the roofing business and
we pledge to provide you with a watertight project every time we work with you!

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Bring On Your Project in the Huntsville, Texas (Walker County)!

Located in Huntsville, Texas we are the premier roofing company in the Lone Star State. We are proud to have serviced clients in Walker and the sorrounding counties all over the great state of Texas!

Delight Your Building Exterior With Roofing Ideas that Work!

The roof is the most important architectural asset that preserves your home’s structural integrity. This is why it is so important to ensure that you have a watertight structure that also has style and class! At Squirrels Roofing, not only do we dress up your exterior
decor, but we also offer a selection of high-quality materials that are perfect for increasing your home’s curb appeal for many decades to come!

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Whether you’re needing a whole new roof installation or a minor repair, we’ve got the right information for you to help you make informed decisions. Our skilled employees will assist you in everything from choosing materials to designing ideas. No matter what your questions are regarding your home projects, we will be happy to assist you in making these decisions.

Although we cannot answer these questions sight-unseen, we can assist you with our fast and friendly complimentary consultation service to help you get in the right direction to make your home more water-tight and architecturally appealing. Just drop us a line or give us a call and we will start you on your way to an amazing roofing project!

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